The Various Artists « Trancefirugations » combines crystalline textures and organic matter, dark ambiences and soaring atmospheres, bewitching melodies and intoxicating rhythms.

Because nothing is fixed, because techno never stops inventing. Because we like to transform ourselves, to search, to explore.

« Trancefigurations » is a journey that seeks to activate the body’s organic reactions, but not to imitate them but to create new ones, it is an invitation to seek fluidity in the poetic freedom that we keep deep inside us.

Through music, the artists offer us a way of grasping reality that goes hand in hand with a desire to separate ourselves from it. Each track is endowed with a sensitivity that offers a new being to the body, that reveals what is hidden from us in the usual perception of the world.

It is an incantation, a spell that makes us observe what happens when the human being is the subject of the trancefiguration, manifesting its own nature and not that of another.

We are proud to gather on this Various some talented artists of the techno and trance scene, with singular universes, who created what did not exist to transform reality.